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Summer Lyons

Summer is a Spiritual and Life Coach, intuitive and author and she assists people in reconnecting

with their own truth.


She works as a door opener for people and places.

She holds frequencies and keys that allow people to realign with their higher purpose.

Through physical or emotional healing and heart opening clients are  finding their way

back to their passion and purpose in life.

Her ability to provide a space for people to reconnect with their inner knowing enables wonderful

openings for release and expansion.

Summer is a Spiritual Coach with a lot of experience in overcoming limiting beliefs and programs,

awakening process, aligning with the own truth, passion and creativity and finding your soul path.

Her ability to connect with high frequency beings has developed over the years and she is currently in the process of publishing two channeled books.

She  mostly works with Jesus, St. Germain, Quan Yin, Hilarion, Mother Mary, Hathor,

the Beings of Pure Light and the Archangels.

While working with clients, she allows her guides and the high frequency beings to come forth

and bring clarity and healing.

Her former professional background lies in education and theater. She holds a master in comparative religious studies and has taught cultures and religions to teenagers for over ten years and directed several plays.

Summer 30 less color.jpeg

She has engaged in many art projects, including a short film called I Dreamed an Endless Dream

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