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Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on


Summer is a Certified Spiritual & Life Coach with many years of experience in

overcoming limiting beliefs and programs, the awakening process,

aligning with one’s inner truth and intuition, reigniting passion and meaning,

activating creativity and finding our soul's path.

Summer also offers Energy Transmissions and Readings, bringing

guidance and healing from spirit to her clients. She mostly works with the Archangels and

people receive frequencies of love and healing as well as activations from spirit.

Energy Psychology is one of Summer’s powerful processes to reprogram

the subconscious, allowing her clients to gently and effectively release blocks

and obstacles to become a conscious creator.

She also offers Chakra Personality Type Readings.


60 min session: 120$

45 min session: 90$


To book a session please contact her directly:

or fill out the form below:

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