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  Gifts From 33 Ascended Masters - 5D Activations, Codes, and Blueprints is a channeled book, presenting 33 Ascended Masters, each of them revealing an important aspect of the shift into higher consciousness. The 33 Ascended Masters include Quan Yin, St. Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, Thoth, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, Sanat  Kumara, Buddha, and many others.

  The messages in this book are a compelling reminder that we are empowered to transform our lives with the energies of a divine nature that already exists within us. The Ascended Masters help us to reawaken our inner guidance and truth and activate our soul’s mission.

  “We come here to touch your heart, to tickle your mind, and to hold your hand whenever you want. We are present in every moment of your experience. We are in time, and without time, we are eternal, and so are you. We love you and we are the love that encompasses the world. This love is like matter to us. It creates, it pulsates, and it exists in everything that is. You are love, even in the moments you don't feel it.”  Master Hilarion, Chapter 1



“Most of us live life wondering what our purpose is. When you read this book, you will find that you no longer need to search. This book is magical. Its words carry loving energy that can transform your life if you allow it. Therefore, enjoy each chapter of this book, and allow the energy to guide you back to your higher self.” Ana Ramirez


Mother Mary
The Power of Love and Gratitude

   I am Mother Mary and I speak to you as the one many of you know as the Holy Mother. I carry Pure Love within my heart and wherever I go, this is what I bring to people. I help them open and heal their hearts and strengthen and remember their own source in Pure Love. Pure Love is like an ocean you can dive into. It carries you, it cleanses you and it nurtures you, like the waters of the sea. It is vast and inexhaustible.

   This Pure Love doesn’t seek anything, it just is. It doesn’t ask, and it doesn’t judge - it just remains in its frequency of love. Whenever you step into this pure space, you don’t need to go anywhere or change anything or anyone. What you feel is a state of completion. The love you feel is so full and so alive and at the same time, nothing specific.
I see more and more people stepping into this love. Some just for a moment and others for longer amounts of time, and even some that never leave this space again. This is wonderful and my heart sings with joy to see this.

   Let me shower you with this love. Let's wrap it around you like a warm blanket. It is soft and kind and it doesn’t ask anything of you. Wherever in your being you need some love, you are receiving it now. This love goes into all layers of your being to heal and soothe you. Love is the most powerful healer there is. Allow it to be with you and within you. It instantly transforms harsh energies and awakens every cell to vibrate at the frequency of love. You are the master to allow this to happen. You choose how much love you are inviting in. There is an infinite well of love in this universe, and you have access to it all the time. Let love be the road you walk on and let it guide you in your day.

   For many people, it has been difficult to experience this love since the planet has been in a very dense frequency. But now the energies are so much higher, and this Pure Love is within your reach. Focus on it, open your heart, and consciously invite it into your being. You will feel its sweetness, and maybe sometimes some healing is necessary to allow it to stay with you. This is the path of the heart opening and in my eyes, it’s the most important one. Being in the heart and staying with this vibration of love is what makes you a master. And like anything else, this needs some practice.

   Remind yourself during the day of your heart space and this Pure Love. What if you stay in this consciousness or vibration during a whole conversation or while you are preparing a dish? You will see that you act and react differently and that the food you are making is infused with love. With this, you will not only change your own life but also your surroundings. That’s what so many of you are doing right now - changing the planet with your love and undisturbed radiance of peace. And this is what’s it all about; this is why you are here. Together we are creating a new way of living and a New Earth. We are birthing the New Earth from within and it’s amazing. That’s why so many light beings and star-family from all over the galaxy are watching and assisting humanity right now.
And while all the occurrences in the outside world can be exciting or aggravating, take a moment and focus on your heart and allow the vibration of Pure Love to flow through you and become you. This is the most important thing. Consciously open up to love, no matter what is going on, again and again. Know that it is more powerful and real than anything else. And what you focus on will increase because you nurture it with your attention. It will increase in your personal life, as well as on a global level. And the more people are radiating a love frequency, the more the world is changing.

   No matter how bad certain circumstances seem, it still is of great importance to stay in a high frequency and to focus on something uplifting - what we love, how we want our life to be, on people we love, on the little things that bring us joy every day…
This is not a starry-eyed avoidance technique; it is consciously choosing what we want and a statement of where our frequency is. It’s also a training to stay in the state of mind that we are choosing and wishing to be in, and not let us get dragged away and pulled in the mud by anyone or anything. And I know this is easier said than done, and sometimes things are challenging. The importance is to always come back to a state of love and peace within. And this needs some training, doing it again and again, by reminding us of the immense power love has.

   Gratitude is very high frequency as well. When you are feeling down or you notice that some harsh and ungrateful thoughts are coming up, you can shift to being grateful. You can think of - or write down - what you are grateful for. These could be very little things like that you are grateful for your morning coffee, that the birds sing, or that your neighbor greeted you kindly. While focusing on gratitude, your frequency will change. It will soften your emotions and your mind, and you will much more likely invite some healing to happen. Everything is about frequency and intention. Once you understand this and you choose to be in the vibration of love, joy, harmony, gratitude, and other uplifting emotions, you will experience great changes. You will constantly send these vibrations out to the universe, and it will respond. Every moment spent in gratitude is soil for great abundance. You are nurturing your life in every moment with your emotions, your thoughts, and your whole vibration. And this doesn’t mean that you should never be sad or angry or disappointed; every emotion has a purpose and is showing you something. The point is to not get stuck in lower frequency emotions. See them as messengers, acknowledge them and then let them go. They have their purpose, but they should never rule your life. Much beauty and abundance come from being in the frequency of love and gratitude. This creates your happy life and all the openings you need for change.

   Open your heart for some more love. It is pure and always benevolent, no matter how you feel. Bring your focus back to the peace that lives within you. Underneath all the noise and thoughts, the hustle and bustle, there is peace. Here you have all the space you need, and you are safe. And I honor you, from my heart to yours. Your heart is a sacred space, and it is yours. You can fill it with as much love as you like. There is no limit. And if you would like to fill your heart with even more love than you are doing right now, just set the intention and it will be so. You will be fully wrapped in love soon.
With all my heart I love you, greet you, and wish you so well.


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